PurinesDX Annual Meeting @ Faculdad de Medicina, Universidade Autonoma de Madrid
Oct 21 all-day

The PurinesDX network will convene in Madrid to review the programme progress as we head off to the final half of the project.

Programme cover and flyer

PurinesDX Workshop on Drug Discovery and development @ Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Oct 22 – Oct 23 all-day

This workshop is organized in the frame of European ETN Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 766124. It addresses the condensed basic concepts implicit in drug discovery and development. This workshop is aimed at contributing to the comprehensive multidisciplinary scientific training of the 14 PhD students of the PurinesDX project.
Additionally, the workshop is open to other PhD students or postdocs of the “Universidad Autónoma de Madrid” and other universities and research centers.


The programme comprises most aspects of the life cycle of a medicine, from computational and synthetic drug design to clinical trials in patients.

PurinesDX Workshop on Drug Discovery and development_October 22-23_2019

PurinesDX Workshop on Clinical Techniques and Challenges in Patient Treatment @ Centro Alzheimer Fundación Reina Sofía
Oct 24 – Oct 25 all-day

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Symposium on “Advances in clinical techniques and challenges faced in the treatment of neurological disorders” organized jointly by the CIEN Foundation and the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network PurinesDX. The symposium will take place on October 24-25 at the Queen Sofia Foundation Alzheimer Center in Madrid and it is intended as a stimulating gathering to provide the participants with an understanding of some of the most relevant clinical challenges in brain disorders and the most novel techniques being developed for treatment of these diseases. The confluence of basic, translational and clinical research will be emphasized to foster the transmission of new scientific findings into therapeutic advances. Finally, the symposium is open to researchers, graduate and post-graduate students interested in the field, but pre-registration is required. Registration details available now through the registration form below. For more information, please contact

Speakers: Justo García de Yébenes (CIBERNED, Madrid), Miguel Calero (CIBERNED, Carlos III Institute of Health, Madrid), Pascual Sánchez-Juan (CIBERNED, Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital, Santander), Fernando Maestú (Center for Biomedical Technology UPM, Madrid), Javier de Felipe (CIBERNED, Cajal Institute CSIC, CTB, Madrid), José A. Obeso (CIBERNED, HM CINAC, Madrid), Antonio Oliviero (Paraplejics National Hospital, Toledo) and Juan Antonio Barcia (San Carlos Clinical Hospital, Madrid).

Workshops*: Dr. Alberto Rábano (CIEN Foundation Tissue Bank, CIBERNED, Madrid), Dr. Bryan Strange, Dr. Linda Zhang and Eva Alfayate (CIEN Foundation, CTB-UPM, Madrid).

*Workshop registrations are closed due to full capacity.

PurinesDX Workshop on Clinical Techniques and Challenges in Patient Treatment_October 24-25_2019