Dr Jose Lopez


Ramón y Cajal University Hospital



Dr Jose Luis López-Sendón is a Neurologist at the hospital Ramon y Cajal working on the care of Huntington’s patients for the last 10 years.


About Ramon y Cajal University Hospital:

The Ramón y Cajal University Hospital is a public hospital, part of the Community of Madrid, located in the north of Madrid. This health centre promotes and nurtures patient care, medical teaching and research, and is affiliated with the University of Alcalá. Since opening in October 1977, the hospital has developed research departments in Bioelectromagnetism, Histology, Biochemistry and Neurobiology. The research output in both basic biomedical and applied research is recognised both nationally and internationally. As a result, University Hospital Ramón y Cajal is recognised as a centre of excellence in patient healthcare, teaching and research. The two main areas that govern the daily activities of the hospital are healthcare quality and biomedical research.

During 2013 the hospital handled more than 145,000 emergencies, 950,000 consultations, 35,000 in-patient treatments and 32,000 surgeries. University Hospital Ramon y Cajal has a team of over 5,600 professionals and infrastructure totalling an area of 249,706 square meters.