Giorgia Conte

Project 2



Host institution: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland


Project Supervisor: Dr Tobias Engel



I am a 26 years old Italian girl. I studied in Italy both for my bachelor’s and my master’s degree. I’ve always been interested in neurology in general, I studied neurophysiological techniques at the university of Bari and then Neuroscience at the university of Trieste.

In 2017 I won the Youth Guarantee fellowship to do an internship abroad, so I moved in Paris and I worked at the Pasteur institute in Neurobiology of cholinergic system group. During this period I applied for PurinesDX program, and I had the great opportunity to be part of it.

I moved in Dublin in February 2018, and I joined the Engel group studying the role of P2X7 receptor in epilepsy.


Why are you doing a PhD?

I am doing a PhD because I’ve always wanted to carry on a carrier in the research field, and the PhD is the best opportunity to learn how to be a real scientist and to start getting into this world.


Other interests?

My passion is travelling, I love to plan trips and to go around the world every time I have the opportunity to do it.