James Morgan

Project 1

contact: jamesmorgan@rcsi.ie


Host institution: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland


Project Supervisor: Dr Tobias Engel



My name is James and I’m from Dublin. I originally completed my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering but decided that a life of luxury and comfort wasn’t for me and changed instead to a career in research.

I completed my MSc in Neuroscience at King’s College London, where I focused on proteomic biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease. I then moved to Edinburgh for a few years before returning home as a research assistant in RCSI and applying for this programme.


Why are you doing a PhD?

I’m trying to live as a student for as long as humanly possible and never face the harsh realities of adult life, like a modern day Peter Pan. But I also genuinely love research and the work involved, particularly at RCSI. And moving forward, I’d like to build up a large enough portfolio of lab and research skills to enable me to start applying for my own grants and set up my own independent research group.


Other interests?

I’m trying to get into birdwatching but I’m absolutely atrocious at it. My camera skills are miserable so I’m always left with a blurry image and the sounds of those beady-eyed, winged demons cawing scornfully at my efforts. I also play drums and piano.