Martina Mengoni

Project 11



Host institution: Sarissa Biomedical Ltd 


Project Supervisor: Prof Nicholas Dale



I am Martina Mengoni and I come from Italy. I started my academic career by pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Physics Engineering at the Politecnico of Turin. During my bachelor I have acquired knowledge in the fields of Physics (electromagnetism, quantum and mesoscopic physics) and Basic Electronics (Semiconductor Physcics, Circuits Element and working principles). However, after my bachelor I was unhappy with the strong electronic focus and wanted to pursue a more interdisciplinary topic, in particular I wanted to work on bio-applications of the devices I had learned. Therefore, I choose to continue my studies by enrolling in the Erasmus Mundus Master in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies at both KU Leuven (Belgium) and TU Dresden (Germany).

During the first year of studied basics of most subjects (Biology, chemistry, physics and electronics at the nanoscale) and to then move to more biointerfaces and biophysics focused topics in my second year. Fascinated by one of my courses on biosensor and what they can achieve I have decided to work for my master thesis on testing a Silicon Nanowire field-effect transistor (SiNW FET) to detect gliding microtubules, a project inserted in the Horizon 2020 Bio4Comp, aiming to use molecular motor to develop a biocomputer. Wanting to continue my work on biosensors I have applied to the PhD project 11 of the PurinesDX programme which involves the development of a novel biosensor for neuroscience application at Sarissa Biomedical (UK).


Why are you doing a PhD?

I am doing a PhD to develop my skills as an independent researcher. My plan for the future is to move to an industry developing biotechnologies and I believe that with my PhD experience I would be better able to face the further challenges and constrains that Research & Development in a company tend to impose on a project.


Other interests?

I am a very sporty person. I follow many sports and practice four at the moment (aikido, fencing, jogging and tap dancing). I am also a very outdoorsy person and occasionally enjoy hiking and kayaking.

In my relax time I read books, enjoy movies and TV series. I love baking and more in general cooking, trying recipes from all over the world. I also sew and paint when I feel inspired and appreciate art, photography and architecture.