Monica Garcia Durillo

Project 12



Host institution: Sarissa Biomedical Ltd


Project Supervisor: Prof Bruno Frenguelli



My name is Monica Garcia Durillo and I am from Palencia, a small city in the north of Spain. Currently, I am a Researcher PhD Candidate at University of Warwick and Sarissa Biomedical Ltd. My project is about “Biosensor approaches to the study of purinergic signalling during acute and chronic brain diseases” and is part of PurinesDX – H2020 European Training Network focused on Brain Diseases.

Previously, I have studied Chemistry  at the University of Valladolid (Spain). During my degree, I had the opportunity to spent a year abroad as a Erasmus student at the University of Ghent (Belgium). During this period I followed a couple of courses on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology which made me think about redirecting my career. I have then decided to study Biochemistry at the University of Zaragoza (Spain), where I balanced my studies with several internships, in particular at Miguel Servet Hospital and also in Agricultural Investigation and Technology Institute of Aragon (CITA). Because of my increasing interest for biomedicine, I considered acquiring deep knowledge in cell’s molecular mechanisms by taking a Master’s degree in Biomedical Research at the University of Valladolid (Spain).

Moreover, I developed my Master Thesis about the role of Calcium during Neuronal Aging in the Physiopathology of Intracellular Calcium Group at IBGM-CSIC, where I had the opportunity to work as a Research Assistant, collaborate with several investigators, and to be co-author in some papers on Neuronal Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease. These papers can be found at my researchgate profile.

Finally, I have decided to enroll in a PhD programme to advance my research career as a neuroscientist.


Why are you doing a PhD?

Due to my interest about Neuroscience and Neurological Disorders, I have decided to do a PhD to advance my professional career as a neuroscientist. Doing a PhD is not only the next step of my research vocation but also the best way to acquire the research skills required to develop my career successfully.


Other interests?

What I love the most is to travel because it is the best way to experience different cultures. I think travelling is quite useful to understand a bit more the world where we live. Moreover, I combine travel with volunteering whenever I have the chance, from social programmes to animal-environmental conservation projects.

In my daily life I usually have fun by reading books, watching films, going out with friends or swimming.