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Prof Nicholas Dale is the founder of Sarissa Biomedical. He has published more than 120 papers, is an inventor on 6 patents relating to biosensors, and has an H-index of 47. He has current grant income in excess of £1m and has raised more than £6m grant money in his career.

Prof Dale has recently received a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award. Prof. Dale has supervised 9 PhD students and 16 Postdoctoral researchers.


About Sarissa Biomedical:

Sarissa is an SME that began trading in 2004. Based on unique, proprietary, and highly adaptable patented methods, Sarissa makes the most complete range of microelectrode biosensors of any company in the world. Its commercially available product range consists of biosensors for 10 analytes (the most relevant to the current project being ATP, Adenosine, Inosine, Hypoxanthine, Lactate, Glutamate and D-serine). Sarissa is oriented towards R&D and is developing biosensors for 3 more analytes. Sarissa sells these microelectrode biosensors to research groups in many of the top universities around the world in the UK, USA, Europe and Japan and has also made significant sales into the pharmaceutical sector. In parallel with these activities, Sarissa has developed a range of biosensors (SarissaGold) and biosensor arrays (SMARTCap/SMARTChip) that utilize a surface-bound mediator to enable detection of these same 10 analytes with high specificity in unprocessed whole blood.

Sarissa now has extensive experience in using these devices with human patient samples. Sarissa has led two clinical trials to evaluate its devices: one on patients undergoing carotid artery surgery; and a second hospital study examining blood purines as a very early biomarker of stroke.