Work Packages

PurinesDX Research programme is divided into three main themes or work packages: Function & Location, Therapeutic Targets and Biomarkers.


Work Package 1 – Function & Location


 It is known that P2X7 receptors are functional in different brain structures, but detailed knowledge about its specific localisation will be crucial to understand its role in disease development and progression. Therefore, in PurinesDX WP1 we seek to map the precise location of this receptor in the brain and how its localisation changes during the progression of the different brain diseases studied by the Consortium.


Work Package 2 – Therapeutic Targets


 While a correlation between the activity of P2X7 receptors and brain diseases has been observed by different research groups, the precise mechanisms behind disease development has yet to be established. Using different models, in PurinesDX WP2 we seek to understand how the activity of P2X7 receptors can trigger or control different brain diseases.


Work Package 3 – Biomarkers


There is also an urgent need for effective and cheaper ways to detect brain diseases early in their development. PurinesDX WP3 will seek to develop innovative tests to detect molecules directly related with the activity of P2X7 receptors which could be indicators of brain disease in patient’s biofluids, such as blood and tears.